Maka and soul meet blair

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maka and soul meet blair

Blair (ブレアBurea) is a Monster Cat with very strong magical power who was mistaken for a Witch by Maka Albarn and Soul Eater. She later would take. See more ideas about Soul eater blair, Witches and Anime art. Soul Eater Blair and Maka bikini Soul Eater Manga, Anime Soul, Soul Eater Blair .. I actually see if Blair and her gender bend meeting each other they would totallyyyyy hit it off. Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Friendship - Blair, Maka A., Soul Eater 'An amazing boy-meets-girl story of friendship, blossoming into the.

With that, Maka sighed and sat up against the headrest.

maka and soul meet blair

She knew there was no point in arguing after Blair had her mind set on something, so she decided to just admit the issue she was having. In a second she was in her human form, now crunched up next to Maka and grinning wickedly. How could they ever be a problem? Maka sighed once again. That's why I'm upset. I don't know how to get him to like me back. When she didn't get one soon, she slowly raised her eyes up, and found a dumbfounded Blair with her mouth agape.

Slowly Blair retreated back to where she was sitting previously, but not losing her grin. And why would you ever say he doesn't like you? After a moment of silence she shook off the shock that had consumed her and resumed her cold and angry state. It doesn't matter anyway. He doesn't like me back and there's nothing I can do about it. Blair retreated once again. And if someone needs I makeover, I simply have to takeover, I know, I know, exactly what you need!

She then held her boobs up, "A push up maybe?

All she did in response was twirl her finger. There was no visible effect, but Maka soon realized she couldn't move and her eyes widened, but she remained unwillingly silent. You," she began applying foundation and bronzer to Maka's face.

maka and soul meet blair

I'll help you be sluttier! I'll teach you the proper poise, when you talk to boys! I'll show you what shoes to wear," she then conjured up a pair of strappy black heels just Maka's size and put them on the desk, "How to fix your hair," she flipped her own in example, and then used her magic to make Maka do it as well.

You'll wear all the proper things, like these hoop earrings," Blair then conjured up a mini-dress and the large silver hoop earrings she was referring too in her song.

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It'll help you I promise! Now that I've chosen to become a pal, a sister, and advisor, there's nobody wiser! Not when it comes to Sluttier! I know about sluttier! And getting Soul…" Blair giggled, although Maka was steaming mad. I'm gonna make you slut-ti-er!

maka and soul meet blair

When I see depressing creatures, with unprepossessing features, I remind them on their own behalf. Celebrated film stars," She had to justify this with air quotes, "or especially great po-ole dancers.

Did they have brains or knowledge? Her witch hat remains but it is shorter, more like a top hat or a fedora but the top still has the curly tip. The bauble on her chest that resembles her cat collar has now turned into a necklace. She has also got a belt and a second, thin belt hanging down to her left. Blair's colors in the manga. Blair's soul in the anime. Male Blair in the Lust chapter. Cat Form Edit In cat form, she is a purple cat with large yellow eyes, ears with pale bushy tips and a long curly tail.

maka and soul meet blair

She wears a smaller version of her witch's hat and a collar with a round bauble that has three triangles etched into it to resemble a jack-o-lantern's face. According to Blair, she is a cat with immense magical power and as such, is capable of several abilities unusual for a cat capable enough to mistake her for a genuine Witch. As a Monster Cat, she is capable of transforming herself into either her human form or cat form. As a Monster Cat, Blair is capable of living up to nine lives at a time, meaning she can only be killed permanently after being killed nine times.

One of Blair's two form includes her cat form, in which is her natural form. She is capable of performing Magic in this form also. Even in her cat form, Blair possesses extraordinary strength enough to kick a Mizune sibling away at an incredible height.