Kanan and ezra meet yoda

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kanan and ezra meet yoda

Up front, I would like to say that Kanan and the lines of Yoda and Obi-Wan Kanan is out there using a gun and he's looser than the Jedi we have met before. So assuming Yoda is cognizant of Kanan and Ezra, Star Wars. Rebels isn't over yet, but we do know that Yoda does know of Ezra in the show Of course, Kanan was a Padawan of the Jedi Order and Ezra meets Yoda and. Luke Meets Ezra the simple reply was "Kanan, my master. Ezra held that cryptic look Yoda use to give him when he would talk in riddle.

Kanan taught him to be more forward and proactive in his actions, a sign of maturity and growth. Kanan dies a hero, protecting his entire crew after battling through the Imperial depot with Hera.

He has come a long way from when he hesitated to use a lightsaber against the Empire, preferring to hide his identity. The scene parallels the first time he emerged out of hiding in front of the Empire, when he assembled his lightsaber to save the Wookiee captives in the series premiere.

At the end, Kanan becomes a beacon of light by which Ezra can see the way on his own Jedi journey.

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Their partnership is well-founded. Shortly after arriving on what would become Chopper Base, Kanan and Ezra spar and reveal some of their underlying philosophies.

kanan and ezra meet yoda

Ezra believes that the rebels will be successful through killing Imperial Inquisitors, thinning the ranks of the Empire. Kanan says that proof of success is survival, which reveals his attitude about his own self-identity. He is still, at least partially, in the mindset that got him through the Jedi Purge. For a long time, his life was the only thing that he could control, so his philosophy emphasizes life instead of death.

This mixture of pragmatism and kindness is key to Kanan, a lone Jedi who for a long time hid his identity from anyone around him and refused to settle in one place or on one philosophy. Yoda also encourages Ezra to act selflessly instead of aggressively. When Yoda speaks to Ezra during his meditation, he notes that what is most important to a Jedi should not be whether they win their battles but how they choose to fight — a lesson which Ezra does not yet take to heart.

Kanan finds a new way to look at his philosophy when he meets the Bendu.

kanan and ezra meet yoda

In some ways, the strange creature has lived a similar life. Before Kanan met Hera, he also drifted without choosing a side in the war. The Bendu is right when he says that even the desire to do good can lead people to evil. And on Malachor, when Maul claims Ezra as his apprentice, we see some of the rough edges that set Kanan apart from other Jedi. Ezra's fall to the dark side of the Force.

Unwilling to allow Ezra to become an agent of evil, the Sentinel activates his yellow double-bladed lightsaberintending to kill Ezra. Kanan ignites his own lightsaber, and the two engage in a lightsaber duel.

As Kanan and the Sentinel fight, Chopper detects incoming Imperials and flees just before the two Inquisitors arrive at the Jedi Temple. The Fifth Brother believes that the Jedi are gone, but the Seventh Sister can sense that they are still there.

Always Two: Building a Jedi Legacy with Ezra and Kanan

She deploys a parrot droid to scan the structure and realizes that this is a Jedi Temple, and that their prey are inside.

Meanwhile, Ezra asks Ahsoka about Yoda, saying that Kanan described him as a small, green, and wise Jedi Master, but that he did not know what he was like. Ahsoka recalls how Yoda, who taught all the Jedi younglings at one time or another, was once happy, but the Clone Wars filled him with a deep sorrow. As she speaks, Ezra disappears and finds himself in the same chamber where he previously spoke to Yoda.

This time, he sees Yoda face-to-face, though Yoda is communing to him from afar. Ezra can now see him because of his growing powers, a power that Yoda says will come with great danger.

Kanan and the Sentinel continue their duel. The Sentinel is surprised by how little Kanan knows about the art of lightsaber combat, but Kanan says he learned enough and continues the duel. After the Sentinel knocks him back, Kanan grabs one of the many lightsabers hanging on the wall.

Luke definitely knows of Kanan and Ezra : StarWars

To his surprise, the lightsaber has a red blade, as he now wields two blades against the Sentinel. The Sentinel, now flanked by two other Temple Guards, says that Kanan will never be strong enough to protect Ezra from the dark side. For his failure, the Sentinel says that Kanan will perish.

kanan and ezra meet yoda

Ahsoka learns the truth about Anakin Skywalker. Now alone in the temple chambers, Ahsoka continues to meditate and hears the voice of Anakin Skywalker calling to her. This manifestation of Anakin, who appears behind her, asks her why she left when he still needed her. She tells him that she made a choice.

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He berates her for being selfish, but she says that is not true. Anakin, in his anger, says that she abandoned and failed him and asks if she knows what he has become. It is then that the image of Anakin becomes that of Darth Vader. A tearful and tormented Ahsoka ignites one of her lightsabers and spins around to find nothing, but she must now admit the truth: Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader.

Yoda tells him that there were once thousands of Jedi, before they chose to join the Clone Wars.

StarWars Rebels Ezra Speaks with Yoda Full Scene

Yoda shows him a vision of clone troopers preparing for battle and Jedi fighting in combat, explaining that, in the Order's arrogance, they joined the conflict too quickly.

Fear, anger, and hate gripped the Jedi Order, and the Jedi were consumed by the dark side. Ezra asks if it was wrong for the Jedi to fight or if it is wrong for him to protect his friends. Yoda says that he too fought for many years, because he was consumed by fear.

Ezra is surprised that Yoda was once consumed by fear, but Yoda explains that it is a lifelong challenge to avoid bending fear into anger. Suddenly, the chamber begins to shake, and Yoda says that the enemy has found them. Outside, the two Inquisitors use the Force to lift the giant stone out of the ground and reveal the entrance. Knighthood and escape Edit The Sentinel removes his mask, revealing the face of the Grand Inquisitor.

Shroud of Darkness

Kanan and the Sentinel continue their duel in the dojo until Kanan is finally knocked to the ground. The Sentinel tells him that the servants of the dark side have come for Ezra, and that Kanan cannot fight forever. Kanan agrees that he cannot protect Ezra forever, even from himself, and can only train the boy as best as he can.

The Sentinel raises his blade and Kanan prepares for death, but instead the Sentinel performs a knighting ceremony and says that, by the right of the Jedi High Council and the will of the Force, Kanan may stand. Kanan asks what it means, and the Sentinel removes his helmet to reveal a familiar face: The Sentinel says it means that Kanan is what the Sentinel once was: With the temple falling, the Sentinel tells Kanan to flee and that he will delay the enemy.

kanan and ezra meet yoda

Kanan, shocked by both revelations, eventually nods and runs out of the dojo. Ahsoka, in the main chamber, stands up and declares, "There's always a way," before running through a doorway.

Ezra, not yet willing to leave, asks Yoda how the rebels are supposed to win if they do not fight back. Yoda says the real question is how the Jedi choose to win, and Ezra says they have already chosen to fight. Outside, the Inquisitors have finished opening the temple and enter it, ready to claim the secrets of the temple for themselves.

The Inquisitors find themselves in the main chamber and are confronted by the Jedi Temple Guards. Ezra, Kanan and Ahsoka meet up again, and Ezra attempts to tell Kanan and Ahsoka what he just learned, but Kanan cuts him off as there is no time.