Heroes when do claire and nathan meet

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heroes when do claire and nathan meet

At school, she meets a boy who can fly and connects with him. Claire helps Peter and then tells Nathan and Tracy where Arthur is. Pinehearst. After dropping Hiro off, Nathan goes back to meet with Linderman, only to Nathan wants to see Claire and do right by her but Angela tells him not to see her . "Shades of Gray" is the nineteenth episode of the third season of the NBC science fiction drama Nathan meets with Tracy, urging her to not to divulge anything. Claire refuses to do so, after what Doyle had done to her and her mother.

When Samson witnesses Sylar heal instantly after accidentally cutting himself, he tries to take the ability from Sylar by paralyzing him. Sylar, however, manages to override it.

heroes when do claire and nathan meet

Samson points out that taking his ability will not harm him as he can heal, but Sylar says he doesn't wish for his father to have such a power, and decides to leave. Samson begs Sylar to kill him, but Sylar says his cancer will eventually do so anyway, and leaves.

Later, Danko returns to his apartment and discovers Samson's stuffed rabbit on his desk, and Sylar is shown ready to confront him. Claire Bennet is shocked to find Eric Doyle at her house, who says "Rebel" had told him to ask her for help.

Claire refuses to do so, after what Doyle had done to her and her mother. Doyle at first wonders why Claire hadn't been hunted after, and after Claire reveals she had been given a free pass, he accuses her of abandoning her kind for not helping. Doyle insists he's changed, and that she doesn't know what it's like to be hunted.

heroes when do claire and nathan meet

Doyle then leaves after explaining he doesn't want to force her to help. Claire later gets a job at the comic book store, filling Alex Woolsley 's position, and after being asked during the interview about what type of hero she would want to be, she wonders if she should have helped Doyle. She then gets a message from "Rebel" warning her that agents have found Doyle. Doyle manages to use his ability to subdue one of the agents, but Claire arrives and knocks out the other.

Later, she hands him a folder containing everything he needs to start a life under a new identity. Doyle thanks her, and Claire mentions that she is doing so because it is "who [she] needs to be right now.

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Later, "Rebel" sends a message to Claire warning that her free pass has expired and that agents are coming to apprehend her. The agents find no trace of Claire in the bedroom; Claire is shown in Nathan's arms, floating outside her window as they look on.

However, they find out the message had possibly been referring to another person, as they find Matt Parkman to be a baby. The baby's annoyed teenage babysitter is eager to pawn the baby off to them, who believes Hiro and Ando to be her replacement, and then leaves. A confused Hiro is left holding the baby Matt Parkman. Josh Modell of The A.

Nathan Petrelli

Club rated this episode a C. A new toe rapidly grows into place. When her blood is injected into others, they are also healed, even if they were dead for a while, with no apparent ill-effects. It is revealed that her injected blood cannot cure tumors; her rapid cell reproduction would actually accelerate a tumor's growth due to it being living tissue.

With the temporary loss of her powers, it is shown that Claire's abilities protect her from diseases, although this also leaves her natural immune system weak, as she has not built up a resistance to any sickness.

She has a drinking contest with a man to get more money for her and her father, Nathan.

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She drinks over 20 shots and does not demonstrate any signs of being intoxicated. She pretends to be drunk to hide her ability from the man. She later points out to Nathan that her tissue regeneration extends to internal organs like her liver. Thanks to her power, she has an incredibly high pain tolerance; Claire states that, when injured, she feels pain just as severe as anyone else who was injured in such a way, but her power quickly deadens the pain.

E Trivia Edit Claire gave birth to a set of twins. Its unknown who the father is, though it can be implied from the final episode of Heroes Reborn that he is evil.