Hairspray link and tracy meet up

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hairspray link and tracy meet up

"(You're) Timeless to Me" EDNA & WILBHR "Without Love" TRACY, LINK, PENNY, SEAWEED, & COMPANY HAIRSPRAY. image CORNY (contin ued) And we know you Turn the sound up You better come on down And meet the. Hairspray () Poster Seaweed: Mom, I want you to meet my new friends. This here is Link, Turnblad! Tracy, cozy up to ol' Corny and tell us a little bit about yourself Edna Turnblad: [called from off camera] Link, your pork is ready!. Tracy Turnblad is a big girl with big hair and an even bigger dream: to dance her way onto national TV, and into the heart of teen idol Link.

Full Synopsis Act One It's 7 a. Tracy Turnblad, a pleasantly plump teenager, reflects on how much she loves her city and she loves to dance. She dreams of being a star "Good Morning Baltimore".

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Meanwhile, Tracy's mom, Edna, is ironing her neighbors' laundry to earn extra money. Penny's mom, Prudy, arrives to pick up her laundry from Edna. Prudy objects to the girls watching the "colored music" performed on the show. Hunky teen idol, Link, offers his Council Member ring to vapid teen queen dancer, Amber whose overbearing mother, Velma, is the show's producer.

When the show returns from the break, Corny Collins announces an upcoming live, primetime special, where talent scouts will be on-hand and an election to crown Miss Teenage Hairspray will be held.

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Tracy, watching the show, is mortified to see that Amber is wearing Link's ring. Corny further announces that they're auditioning a new female dancer for the show. Tracy pleads with her mother to let her audition. Tracy's father, Wilbur, arrives home from work at his novelty gag and joke shop. Edna fears that Tracy will be ridiculed at the auditions, but Wilbur encourages Tracy. Meanwhile, Prudy berates Penny for listening to "race music" as Velma criticizes Amber on her poor dancing.

All three girls argue with their mothers "I'm a Big Girl Now". Tracy ultimately does attend the auditions, where she literally bumps into Link, initiating a romantic dream sequence "I Can Hear Bells"which is interrupted when Tracy is called upon to audition.

Velma rejects her due to her weight and because Tracy states that she's in favor of racial integration "Miss Baltimore Crabs".

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The following day at school, Tracy is sent to detention because her monumentally teased hair is blocking other students' view of the blackboard. In the detention hall, an African-American boy named Seaweed teaches Tracy some dance moves. Corny and Link are immediately impressed by Tracy's dance moves. During an interview with Corny, Tracy again comes out in favor of racial integration, impressing Corny but horrifying Velma.

Amber grows increasingly jealous of the attention that Tracy is getting, and, to compound the situation, Corny invites Link to sing a song to Tracy "It Takes Two". Tracy and Link kiss at the conclusion of the song.

hairspray link and tracy meet up

Post-show, an argument breaks out between Corny, Velma and Mr. Spitzer, who represents the show's sponsor, Ultra Clutch hairspray. Spitzer objects to the casting of Tracy, whom he describes as "that chubby communist.

Corny threatens to take the show to another network if Velma interferes. After he departs, a seething Velma decides to ruin Tracy "Velma's Revenge". At the Turnblad apartment, Edna fields calls from Tracy's burgeoning fan base.

When Tracy gets a call, inviting her to become the spokesperson for plus-size clothing outfitter, Mr. Pinky, she asks Edna to represent her as her agent. Edna protests that she hasn't even left the apartment in years, but Tracy insists, and Edna receives an elaborate makeover "Welcome to the 60s".

hairspray link and tracy meet up

Tracy's popularity is skyrocketing at school. Amber spreads mean-spirited rumors about her. The students assemble in gym class for a game of dodgeball.


Penny and Seaweed meet and immediately hit it off. A violent game of dodgeball ensues, ending with Amber snapping the ball into Tracy's head, knocking her out cold. So I figured I would jot it down and go from there. I know that the hairspray stories have been slowing down but I hope we can it back. The language is a little bit in this chapter. Figured I would warn you.

hairspray link and tracy meet up

Brenda's distance concerns Corny, left in the empty studio for hours gives them time for improvement, they discover more about themselves and what they are. Terrible at summaries, there's a better explanation at the beginning. With Link on his toes about the agents, Tracy feeling abandoned, Penny sneaking meet-ups with Seaweed, and Amber constantly trying to seduce her ex, changes and choices will have to be made.

High-school was never this difficult, but now, they'll have to mend together or split apart for good. It is definitely something different but something that gives you a lot of creative control.

I hope you enjoy. K - English - Chapters: Corny's milkman days by laurend44li reviews Imagine the teens from hairspray but as ,young, wide eyed little versions of themselves. Follow the hairspray gang as they interact with a certain milkman who just happens to be passing through.

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Anyhow this was collaborated with my pal Nessa Thanks for reading, if you like it there is a sequel in the works: Reviews are very important, this is why people write stories!

Set to the song, There goes my life, by Kenny Chesney Rated: So it has been a long time since I started this story. But over the next few weeks I am going to work on finishing it. I have been rewriting chapters as well. Link and Amber are assigned to do a project together. She's very Quiet and meek and she's nothing like Tracy at all. She's the smallest adult in town, according to her mother with a quiet aurora about her. When Tracy gets a place on the Corny Collins Show, both their lives change.

But is it for the better or the worse? With they both find love? Or will life tear them down? Shortly after getting his own show, Corny Collins meets Anita, Maybelle's niece, one night.

Even with all that attempts to separate them, they find a bridge to one another through music and a lavender dress. Summary is not that great. She's let Tracy take center stage until her sister decides she wants to dance on public television. Suddenly Lisa is thrown into the fast life of fame and dancing where she meets Corny Collins.