Faramir and eowyn meet the parents

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faramir and eowyn meet the parents

Faramir and Eowyn are in similar places in life when they meet: both grievously injured in heart and body, both have just lost their fathers (in Eowyn's case, her. Éowyn is a fictional character in Tolkien's legendarium who appears in his most famous work, When she was only seven years old, her father was killed fighting orcs and her There Éowyn met Faramir, with whom she soon fell in love. Arwen was able to choose because her mother was an Elf and her father . One time Faramir asks Eowyn, why she does not leave to meet her.

Only the two brothers and two others survived by swimming.

faramir and eowyn meet the parents

During one such raid he found Frodo BagginsSamwise Gamgee and Gollum observing an attack by his rangers on a column of Haradrim. The former two were captured as spies by the rangers though Gollum eluded them. Frodo was questioned by Faramir concerning their errand.

Frodo recounted the journeys of the Fellowship and its members but referred to the purpose of the travels only cryptically. During the questioning he denied knowledge of Gollum but revealed that he travelled with both Aragornthe Heir of Isildurand Boromir.

There he questioned them further in private, learning that the hobbits' errand was linked to the 'Isildur's bane' that had sent Boromir to Rivendell in the first place.

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Eager to earn their trust Faramir delivered his famous oath, saying that he " Not were Minas Tirith falling in ruin and I alone could save her, so, using the weapon of the Dark Lord for her good and my glory. No, I do not wish for such triumphs". In a slip up however Samwise revealed the nature of 'Isildur's bane' and so Faramir was tested, just as Boromir had been, by the lure of The Ring.

Where Boromir failed Faramir succeeded, leading Samwise to remark that Faramir had "shown [his] quality".


Faramir called Frodo to him who confessed to the part of Gollum in their errand, begging Faramir not to slay him. Gollum was caught and questioned and then surrendered to Frodo. The following morning Faramir released Frodo and Sam with Gollumbut warned them strongly against taking the pass of Cirith Ungol.

faramir and eowyn meet the parents

With that, I think that what Tolkien did with her was actually quite honest and even unusual. I think with a character as layered and strong as Eowyn who I love!

But, that isn't necessarily realistic. Lets look at the reasons she wanted to fight and wanted to be on the front line. She wanted her part in the most important challenge her people were facing.

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And by the end, that threat was gone. And quite frankly she is a changed person and not for the worst. Awesome as she was, she was a bit high strung if memory serves and so many things happened to temper her. She lost her uncle who she loved dearly. She saw so much death and destruction.

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The land was altered. While hope had been restored with the defeat of the Lord, innocence was a distant memory. During her convalescence she had the opportunity to reflect and I think was actually wooed by Faramir who to my memory was very different from her.

More introverted, more deeply thinking. I actually think it is a brave move to send her in that direction.