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Katelyn portrays the quiet and mysterious teenager Enid, whom Carl Grandpa ( ), One Tree Hill () and Meet the Browns (). Max DfCamp and Carl Catcher BUI Hall mnd Hurler ton Tond ride Enid Giants life miserable for the Louis Browns by beating the It was the Red Sox 12th vic even getting bases load seeded sixth in this meet at the suburban river forest. Carl Dodd. . CHyans Head Bowling Meet ENID, March 24—A team representing the electric . The teams and Claudine Wineland, with meet again Tuesday.

He hacked her head off with an axe. He was dirty and had the letter 'X' carved on his forehead. Both horrified by what they saw, they decided on getting off the road and walk behind the houses along the east facing walls.

Michonne hoped that the foliage along the wall would give them cover so they would go undetected. She saw Father Gabe and Enid crouching behind a rose bush at the side of a house. She got their attention and motioned them to join them once she could see the coast was clear.

She became worried about Rick. She wanted to get to him and alert him. But, she knew she had protect Carl and Judith.

Two men ran by my house and went next door. I heard one of them call themselves Rapers and that they are here to kill our men and rape, torture and kill our women. They forced themselves in and must have killed the Browns. He had a machete drawn. The blade was recently sharpened, so sharp that it gleamed white in the light. The handle was wrapped in duct tape for a better grip. Apparently the man of the cloth was serious about his weapon.

Enid had a large hunting knife with her and seemingly wasn't afraid to use it. We don't know how many of them are out there. As they were about to proceed, three people, armed with hatchets and knives, approached. One of them charged at Michonne. She immediately felt an adrenaline rush and she ran up to him and beheaded him with one swift blow of her katana.

Father Gabe came up from behind and stabbed the second one in the stomach. He ran his blade hard and deep. The Raper died within seconds.

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He next chopped his head off with one sure blow. The third one, blond and slender, grabbed Enid from behind and covered her mouth with his dirty hand. Her knife fell on the ground. Carl spun around and shot at him but the bullet nicked the top of his ear.

He didn't so much as flinch even though blood ran down his face and neck. Ordinarily, Carl would've gotten him between the eye, but, with just one eye functional, his aim was off. The crazed rapist killer put a knife to Enid's throat and sniffed her hair. Carl, with his gun aimed at him cried out, "No!

She began to weep, tears ran down her face. She was more afraid of being raped than being killed. By this, four other people, all with the letter 'X' on their foreheads came running up to them.

Michonne managed to kill two but the other two threw rocks at her and Father Gabe. Father Gabe was hit in the head and he fell instantly. He lay on the ground, out cold. The second missile hit Michonne on her right arm, her fighting arm. The force of it broke it and caused her to drop her katana to the floor. The two remaining Rapers grabbed her and held her. One on either side. The one holding Enid smiled. He was pleased to be in control. Should we kill her? She'll be entertainment, after we've taken this place.

Then he ordered Fr. Gabe and Carl to lower their weapons.

Cheboygan Democrat, 4 June 1925 — Page 1

When we are through here, toss it over the wall. Let the dead have it. The dirty teeth man punched her in the face. Blood trickled down from her nose. He wanted to shoot the man dead but he feared he would kill Enid instead. The lead killer laughed out loud and started to put his hand down Enid's shirt. She whimpered and struggled. You can do it. It was a gamble, but this was their last hope. She looked at him, straight in his eyes. Then, Carl became calm. He raised his gun once again, took aim and squeezed the trigger, three times.

The lead killer fell like a ton of bricks. Enid had the presence of mind to step aside as he fell. As for the two other killers, they too fell to the ground with holes in their heads.

Carl's aim was accurate and true. Michonne picked up her Katana with her left hand and ran up to Father Gabe who had just started to come around. He was bleeding from the head but not badly. She and Carl helped him to his feet. He could see that it looked tender and swollen. But, thanks to you, we are alive. Gun shots rang out. It came from the direction of the main entrance. They both recognized the sound of Rick's gun.

Then, three more people ran up to them. Michonne met them half way and managed to slice the arm off of the closest one. He cried out and held his arm with the other hand. Distracted by the pain, he didn't see Father Gabe rush him and chop his head off clean.

The other two were gunned down by Carl. Again, his aim was on par. He got them between the eyes. He smiled to himself. Michonne smiled at him. More gunshot were heard.

Gray smoke filled the community. The smell of burnt flesh wafted towards them. The rogue group had set fire to their victims. As though they were high on crack, they could be seen running through the streets hacking away at anyone they saw. Some of the people they killed came back and started to roam the streets in search of human flesh. Judith kept quiet though a terrified look was on her face.

It was the Browns. Roy and his son Bruce now in hot pursuit as walkers. Father Gabe turned and held his ground as they approached closer. He met them with the wrath of his sharp blade. In two two's they were eliminated. A good stab through the mouth of one and a clean beheading of the other. But, that was not it. In the poor visibility, three dark figures ran towards them.

Carl took aim and Michonne and Fr. Gabe readied their blades. It was Rosita, Spencer and Tara. Carol and Morgan is back there handling the situation.

There are still a few of them around. Me and Spencer got some. She looked at Michonne's right arm and she could see it was injured. I'm hoping Rick will meet us there. The pain had begun to set in.

Her arm was terribly swollen now. So much so the skin looked shiny. Go to the infirmary. We need to keep moving. With that, they parted ways. Michonne, Carl, Enid, Judith and Fr. Gabe continued their way to the armory. When they got there, Olivia saw them through the window and let them in. Oddly enough, the woman did not think of arming herself even though she was surrounded by guns and ammunition.

Carl picked up a 9 mm and loaded it with a full clip and gave it to her and quickly instructed her on how to use it. She looked as though she was going to hurl but calmed down after a while. Michonne asked Olivia if she had seen Rick. They waited around for about fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, the sounds of gunshots were still heard in the distance. Michonne decided to go look for him.

He may be in trouble. She knew he meant well, but, she was right and he didn't fight her on this. I'll be back with your dad. Michonne disappeared into the thick smoke. Her arm throbbed with pain and she ignored it.

She hid between houses as she made her way to the corner house. When she finally got there, the door had been kicked in. A sense of dread came over her. There was obvious signs of struggle. A side table was overturned. Broken glass was on the floor. A large pool of it stretched out across the floor from the kitchen.

She ran up to the kitchen and found a dead man lying face down with the back of his head blown out. It was not Rick. She went upstairs and searched the rooms. He was no where to be found.

She went back downstairs and headed straight for the door. It seems this is considerable money, but when one takes into- cousideration the valuable property destroyed for his neighbors and the threat of that fire to still reach greater areas of destruction it will reallv be seen the man got off very cheap.

It seems that most people are not aware they cannot set fires on their farms without permission from the Conservation department. If they do and the fires get from under, their control they are liable to a very severe penalty. There are many things contributing to the beginning of all these fires and one of the. Williams served three years in the Civil Wax and it Was, most fitting that Ms death shoudd- occur- on the day sacred to the memory of these warriors.

Williams was horn in Canada 83. Four sons survive Mr. Ida Haran of Detroit. Alsq, two sisters Mrs. Tom Peck of Pontiac. All were present at the funeral -which was held on Monday in the Riggsville M. Hughes of the Episcopal church officiating. The 1 'characters were well portrayed and the play amusingly clever.

This completes the series of plays which have been put on by this churdi and which have proved highly enj'oyable to the large audiences witnessing them, Mr. Cole, of Bay City arrived Friday - night to spend the week end "with home folks. Colo will remain here'for some time. Lyons had lived in Cheboygan 56 years and during that time had endeared herself to scores of people -through her unselfish character and wonderful personality. She was a woman devoted to her family and unfailingly generous to all.

Lyons was born May 7, in San Gabriel, Canada. She moved to Cheboygan at the age of 11' and had lived here ever since. In she married Louis Lyons who survives her. Lyons had three children who are now Mrs, Harry-Gilmore of. Lyons of the Soo. She is also survived by a sister, Mrs, J. Michelinof Munising and three brothers, Ed. Drainville of Nahma, Michigan. AH of 'these, with the exception of George Drainville were present at the funeral which was held on Sunday afternoon at 2: Rev, Hughes officiating and burial was made at Pine Hill cemetery.

Page 1 — Cheboygan Democrat, 4 June — Michigan Newspaper Collection

The weather was perfect, a brilliant sunshiny day which formed a perfect background for the annual tribute to, our war heroes.

Hundreds crowded both cemeteries and brought floral offerings in remembrance of the dead. Captain George Stewart, arrived home Saturday night for a couple of weeks being called home on account of. Lewis Jewell f Old Resident Dies. Jewell was honesty itself in his dealings with people and generous.

He was one of those rare people who actually received more pleasure from giving than talcing. His memory will always be treasured in loving regard by all those with whom he came in contact. Jewell was born in Ontario 81 years ago and came to Cheboygan mIn he married Harries. Sedore who died here five years ago. Last winter he spent in Florida with his son Walter returning some five weeks ago. He had been ' ill only about ten days before his death. Seven sons survive Mi', Jewell.

Frank Jewell of Port Huron; Rev. Richardson of Plainfield New Jersey, Rev. Rachel Newton of Port Huron.

*Famous Faces on "Resurrection" (Season One)

Minnie Marks died here a year ago. He also leaves seventeen great grand children and thirty three grandchildren. Six grandchildren acted as pallbearers. Rev, Felton of the M.

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John Och motored to Detroit-leaving Friday night. They took with them Harold Schulz who will visit friends and relatives for several days. A cousin and Miss Esther Tallman accompanied -them home. Miss Esther Will spend several weeks visiting her sister Mae, George Pew drove up from Detroit and spent the week end with his parents Mr. Pew of Young street. George has a splendid position in Detroit and is being rapidly advanced.

In fact he looks the perfect prosperous young man of business. Brown returned Friday from Detroit where they have been visiting their sons and families and particularly getting a first glimpse of their new granddaughter.

The Browns are quite ardent travelers. No sooner did they return from Detroit than they set out in their trusty car for Munising where they will remain during the court session. Durand and entertained in Alpena overnight. Thelocal Rotary club put on the dinner at which members of the county road commission and members of the State Highway Department were present. The object of the meeting was to bring about greater co-operation between the county road commiissioh and superintendents and make maintenance and road construction more uniform.

Such a meeting gives the public an idea of maintenance and construction cost and interests them in road betterment. It also brings the engineers from the State Hignway Department and the superintendents closer together. Weber as president Of the Rotary club opened the meeting by welcoming the visitors and. He then turned the meeting over to Mr. Clemenson, resident engineer of, Grayling. Glenmenson outlined the object of the meeting. He reported' that tarvia dressing between Mullet Lake and Topinabee will be started immediately.

Jacobson gave a brief outline of the tarvia roads in Cheboygan county. Clenmenson told of the bills he introduced at the last session of the state legislature for good mads. Campbell of Indian River gave as his opinion that the tarvia road north of Wolverine was the best piece of road between Detroit and Indian Rivei. Campbell felt with Mr. Jacobson that tarvia was the cheapest and best type of road for this northern country. Father Vogt gave a short talk as did Mr.

Watkins recalled the old pioneer days when he journeyed here from Petoskey with a pair of oxen. He touched on the needs of connecting the unfinished links in trunk lines and improving important sections of county roads. The tax would -doubtless repay the county through the increased number of resorters good roads bring. Watkins admonished the supervisors to be fair with resorters in assessments. After investing money in roads it is folly not to safeguard that investment by keeping up those roads.

This closed the meeting except for those who wished to stay and the road commission and superintendents of the various counties took up "the discussion of maintenance which covers everything from keeping the traveled part of the road in good safe condition to caring for shoulders, ditches, culverts, sizes, markers, and weed cutting.

The first week in June has been set aside ,as clean up week and the roads. Special attention was given to the problem of keeping careless people from throwing rubbish in ditches. The next meeting will.