Betty and veronica meet the punisher skull

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betty and veronica meet the punisher skull

Unlike some later crossovers, Archie Meets Punisher avoided gratuitous Veronica" and "Archie Marries Betty" storylines from the main Archie. Archie, Betty, Veronica, Reggie, and Jughead have been teenagers in the main Archie title, to superhero takes (Archie Meets the Punisher). Archie and his Riverdale crew, Betty, Veronica, and best friend Jughead first appeared Archie meets the Punisher (Archie Comics version). which depicted Archie smashing in his zombified father's skull with a baseball bat.

Red draws the attention of Hiram's teenage daughter Veronica because his appearance is very similar to her frequent suitor, Archie Andrews.

betty and veronica meet the punisher skull

To get back at Archie for accidentally ruining their date to the school dance that night, Veronica asks Red to take her instead. Meanwhile, Punisher and his partner Microchip arrive in Riverdale tracking Red and are cynical about the town's innocent demeanor.

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They see Archie with his friend Jughead Jones in an ice cream shop and believe him to be Red. While they are observing him, some thugs from New York arrive and make the same mistake. The thugs know about Red's deal with the government and intend to kill him before he can testify. They abduct Archie and Jughead, prompting a car chase as Punisher attempts to rescue "Red".

After a car wreck, Punisher quickly realizes his error and lets Archie go. Punisher and Microchip continue to secretly monitor Archie, hoping the remaining thugs will make the same mistake and come into the open.

As Red and Veronica arrive at the school dance, Red is recognized by a stage worker and low-level drug dealer, who, hoping to improve his standing among the cartel, calls them and tells them where to find Red. Punisher and Microchip, who have been monitoring the cartel, also head for the dance.

Sure, he justifies it to himself by saying he can always get him later, the Feds are closing in, etc. But there's also the fact that Archie and the rest of the gang are there, and Frank clearly knows that it's the night of the big dance, everyone had a little adventure, no one got hurt, and these kids don't need to see a man gunned down right in front of them.

Riverdale's innocence would be gone forever if he did that. Pie in the Face: A mook mistaking Archie for Red has him on knifepoint.

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Punisher, currently unarmed, deals with him with a cake to the face just as the guy realizes that he has the wrong man. Marvel and Archie published separate editions of the book, and both publishers ordered their character first in the titling.

The comic ends with a suggestion that Archie's pal Jughead is going to meet up with another popular Marvel Comics character; Wolverine. The list for possible destinations in the train station that Red escapes from Punisher to includes such destinations as GothamIvy Town and Happy Harbor.

Betty and Veronica meet The Punisher

One of Red Fever's aliases is stated to be "Montana Bob". Bob Montana was the original creator of Archie. This comic, thanks to the setting being primarily Archie's, puts much less of an emphasis on Frank's common traits involving death and mayhem.

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In Riverdale, Castle works under the name Castiglione. Red Fever ends up foiled when his leg ends up tangled in the rope for a parade balloon, and is lifted high up in the air.

Betty and Veronica meet The Punisher - 1d4chan

Admit it, a violent antihero vigilante visiting a normal high school isn't really expected. In the other, he married Betty and became a struggling a musician. Both eventually dovetailed into the dark tragedy that is "The Death of Archie. It's a much more down-to-earth story about a boy who finally grows up and has to deal with all the real challenges and pressures and triumphs that come with adulthood. The saga got a little more overtly dark with Archie's death, though even that managed to cap off the series with an optimistic look to Riverdale's next generation.

Last of the Innocent This mini-series isn't technically an Archie comic, but as it blatantly borrows the archetypes we figure it deserves a mention anyway. Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips capped off the Criminal saga with a story focused on Riley Richards, a bitter, middle-aged criminal who pines for the simpler, more innocent days of his childhood in Brookview. Not only are Archie and his estranged wife clear analogues for Archie and Veronica, the normally gritty, hard-boiled art actually shifts to a very Archie-inspired style whenever the story flashes back to Riley's teen years.

The result is both the high point of Brubaker and Phillips Criminal run and, honestly, one of the best Archie stories ever written. We can't help but think that the success of The Last of the Innocent has influenced Archie Comics as they've set about reshaping the direction of the company in recent years.

betty and veronica meet the punisher skull