Benny and joon traffic scene meet

benny and joon traffic scene meet

Jeremiah Chechlik's film, Benny & Joon is the story of Joon (Mary Stuart When she leaves the house with a ping-pong paddle and scuba mask to direct traffic, however, this is She's met someone who “gets” her. In a truly heartbreaking scene, Sam watches Joon pace the bus and scream until. The movie Benny and Joon tells the story of adult siblings, Benny and his Joon exhibits disorganized behavior when she is seen directing traffic in a In any scene where Joon was shown riding in a car, she was shown wearing a helmet. CPNP Annual Meeting · BCPP Resources · CPNP University · The. Wiener, Diane () "Benny & Joon's “Alternative Philosophies” of In one scene, she stops traffic while wearing a Sam waits outside while the game takes place, and Benny and Joon don't meet him until it is over.

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The movie makes a strong, positive argument for the role of clown wisdom in everyday life. One reviewer described Sam as a "clown savant.

benny and joon traffic scene meet

As played by the great Johnny Depp, Sam is childlike, timid, insightful, generous, imaginative, and creative — the fool who turns out to be the wise man. The movie is also noteworthy for its physical comedy sequences — rare in Hollywood movies — choreographed by Dan Kamin and performed quite adeptly by Depp.

Dan is a mime and movement performer, teacher, author, and coach. He has written extensively on Chaplin's movement technique and was Robert Downey's coach for the movie Chaplin Click here to check out Dan's web site and all his many offerings; there are also some videos of Dan's own work on YouTube.

Maybe someday we can get him to tell our blog readers about his experiences working on these movies! So here are the specially featured morsels I have for you.

benny and joon traffic scene meet

In this first one, cinematographer John Schwartzman has some interesting things to say about experiments with camera speed. You might want to skip the second part because he's rambling on about other stuff while we watch Depp practice with his dinner rolls. The next four are from the commentary track by the director, Jeremiah S.

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The diner scene, with those dancing rolls in action: She just needs a boyfriend! I wonder if he was granted power of attorney, legal guardianship, etc. I find it hard to believe that in a situation like that, he was allowed to care for Joon since they were teenagers. How did Social Services not step in at any point? How was he not charged with abandonment and neglect?

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Benny sneaks in to see Joon at the mental hospital This movie is less about Joon herself than it is about her in relation to the men in her life. When I searched for images to include in the piece in addition to the screen shots I took, the movie poster images I came across presented another issue: Joon herself is sidelined and literally sandwiched between the two men in her life: Alternate posters depict Johnny Depp alone on a stool.

In fact, the Google image search yields more pictures of Johnny Depp than anything else! Where is Joon in all of this? I take huge issue with this film. It trivializes and downplays a serious, crippling disorder. As a woman who was diagnosed bipolar roughly ten years ago and who has been hospitalized, watching scenes in which paramedics tranquilize and forcibly escort a woman to a psychiatric ward is particularly painful and all-too familiar.

You cannot have your family members spring you from a psych ward.

benny and joon traffic scene meet

You cannot check in for a staycation and leave when you feel like it. You are there until the mental health professionals get your cocktail of meds just right, bring you back to a functioning level, and deem you fit for release. Living with mental illness means constantly having your state of mind questioned.

benny and joon traffic scene meet

It means family members and long-term friends not being able to understand or relate to your struggles, your episodes. This often leads to strained romantic relationships where genetics are even called into question. Say Joon and Sam keep going strong. If they chose to have children, is she capable of being a parent? Could she stay off her meds during her pregnancy without having another episode?