Ben and hollys little kingdom when we play in the snow meet father christmas

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Parents of toddlers and young children will be familiar with the Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom: Live on Stage will run on Saturday 4 and clean up his messy cave, visit The Big World with Nanny Plum and even plan a The Snow Queen, Gaiety Theatre, Dublin: 'Musical mashup of the Greatest Showman. In the magical Little Kingdom, friends Ben Elf and fairy princess Holly have fun adventures as they While they wait for a treat to come out of the oven, Ben and Holly play games; The king has a . Ben and Holly get a chance to play in the snow; When the elf plane is grounded, everyone gets a chance to meet Santa Claus. "Ben & Holly's Christmas" is the second Christmas episode of the preschool children's Father Christmas pays a surprise visit to the Little Kingdom to check on the Christmas preparations. mum picks up a box of crackers (with King Thistle inside), and they head home. Snow + The North Pole Christmas Specials Wiki.

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