Adventure time finn and fiona meet episode guide

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adventure time finn and fiona meet episode guide

The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. " Fionna & Cake Meet Finn & Jake" is a fan-fiction book written by Ice King and was. The cube world is the 1st episode of the 4th season Two cubes in the land of Ooo take Finn to the land of Aaa. adventuretime List of past discussions . I think there will be an episode where Finn witnesses the multiverse, and you might catch a glimpse of something Fionna-like, Finn writes his own fanfic where he meets Fionna.

Their conversation is interrupted when the Ice Queen breaks into the castle and tries to kidnap Gumball. Fionna and Cake start to fight her before she mysteriously disappears.

Gumball who is apparently unharmed arranges a date with Fionna. Cake decides to come along to help Fionna out. The group then flies through the air while Gumball serenades Fionna with the song "Oh, Fionna" and eventually asks her to be his girlfriend.

When Fionna and Cake get to the ball, Prince Gumball takes Fionna to his room decorated with candles and rose petals and locks the door. She becomes flustered and backs away when he begins to take his shirt off. A drop of water lands on her shoulder, she looks up to see the real Prince Gumball trapped inside a giant icicle on the ceiling.

The fake prince is revealed to be Ice Queen. Fionna is soon incapacitated; Cake senses trouble and rushes to her rescue. Enraged by the deception, Fionna takes out the crystal sword to fight. Cake hears noises from downstairs and senses Fionna is in trouble. Undaunted, Fionna uses the ice to beat Ice Queen over the head. Ice Queen pushes her off with a burst of snow which allows Fionna to get close to enough to break Prince Gumball free and knock out the Ice Queen with a broken icicle.

Cake bursts in and sees Gumball standing next to Fionna in her torn dress; she jumps to the wrong conclusion and lunges at him but Fionna stops Cake and tells her it was the Ice Queen all along. Just then Ice Queen recovers and blasts Cake away from Fionna only to have Fionna knock her magic tiara off which negates her powers. The real Gumball asks Fionna on a date and is turned down; Fionna notes that she does not need a boyfriend at the moment.

The episode reveals that the entire story was a fanfiction created by the Ice King that he is reading to Finn and Jake who are incapacitated in ice. The Ice King asks how they enjoyed his story; Finn hesitates at first but hurriedly placates him when Ice King threatens them with his ice powers.

Edit Fionna and Cake are sent to an alternate universe and they happen to bump into their gender bents Finn and Jake. Quite a problem huh? The sequal to this is: Fionna and Cake Return. Plot Edit Finn and Jake come back from a battle at the crystal dimension that they happen to be bragging about.

Then they happen to spot two girls Fionna and Cake fighting a monster. They want to help these two but before they do they jump into action. Cake punches the monster while Fionna finished it off with a slash of her sword. Finn and Jake were very impressed to have seen two other adventurers in Ooo.

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They both ran up to Fionna and Cake and told them how "math" they were. Fionna was embarrassed that two boys saw her fight with Cake. She thanked them for their comments and asks who they were. Finn introduced himself and Jake to her and Cake then he notices something familiar about Fionna. He noticed how similar to himself and flipped out then asked her "what's going on!?

Finn is shock about the fact and Jake suggests that they should go ask Princess Bubblegum so she can help Fionna and Cake back to their dimension.

The scene changes to the Ice Kingdom with Ice Queen walking to her "home". Ice Queen walks in and Gunter happens to notices her walk in and starts quacking to warn Ice King that there is an intruder in the Ice Kingdom. Ice King walks in the room and sees Ice Queen he thinks she's a princess. Then he said "that a queen is much better then capturing princesses all the time". Ice Queen pauses and thinks evil of an idea and tells Ice King about a deal she would like to set a deal with him.

The scene changes to the Candy Kingdom with Princess Bubblegum working on something.

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Then she hears Finn's voice yelling her name then turns to see Finn behind her from a distance. Finn tells her that there's a problem then she ask what it is. Then at the door, Fionna peek in at the room with Cake and Jake behind her. The princess asks who just appear by the door then Finn introduces Fionna and Cake to Princess Bubblegum and said they're from an alternate universe. Fionna explains a little more about herself and Cake's state and Princess Bubblegum agrees to help them.

Princess Bubblegum shows all of them her new vortex machine she was working on before they showed up. She states that she's not finished with it and tells them to come back later.

adventure time finn and fiona meet episode guide

Then they all leave to go to the tree fort to wait for her to finish the vortex machine. Princess Bubblegum tries to connect the last part of the machine to get it to work properly and it is a huge success.

adventure time finn and fiona meet episode guide

When she was distracted someone behind came up and covered her mouth and kidnapped her. The scene changes to the Tree Fort, the gang is still walking. Lumpy Space Princess ' voice came out of the blue as Finn and Jake turned to her and asked her what was happening. She told them that the Ice King and a queen were kidnapping princesses in Ooo.

Fionna knew it was Ice Queen. Finn asked Fionna "who is Ice Queen". Cake responded saying the Ice Queen was like the Ice King but eviler. Fionna told Finn and Jake that they should go to the Ice Kingdom to check it out.

Finn agrees with her then changes into his yellow sweater and so does Fionna. Fionna thinks that they need faster transportation to the Ice Kingdom and Finn agrees but wonders how they will accomplish this. Jake brings up finding Lady Rainicorn to take them there. Finn thinks it's a great idea and they all go to Lady's house where they find her with Lord Monochromicorn. Then Fionna tells Lord Monochromicorn that maybe he and Lady Rainicorn can both take them there since they're friends.

Lord Monochromicorn agrees and charms Lady Rainicorn a little then Cake and Jake get even more jealous.

Ice King shows off Ice Queen to all of them and saying she his queen. Ice Queen gets annoyed and says "For the last time I'm not 'your' queen".

Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake Issue 5

Finn then realizes that has met Ice Queen before in the crystal dimension and before he met Fionna and Cake. Then Finn then tells a story of when he and Jake met Ice Queen and how he fought her. Then Fionna and Cake hear voices screaming their names.