Until we meet again ring engravable

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until we meet again ring engravable

Buy Everscribe Black Steel Until We Meet Again Memorial Engraved Spinner Ring as a gift for a friend, family member, special someone, or yourself. Choose. "MBM COMPANY Engraved Sterling Silver Memorial ""Until We Meet Again"" Sentiment MBM COMPANY Genuine Diamond & Brilliant CZ Wedding Ring Set. Until We Meet Again Womens Engraved Always Memorial Ring. The memories of your loved one live on in your heart, always with you, and just a cherished.

Until We Meet Again Antiqued Sterling Silver Memorial Jewelry Pendant

The final product turned out exactly the same as how I wanted it. The ring had a good finishing and I am extremely happy with Gem By Gems. Regards, Firdhaus I would like to say thank you for making our ring possible. The rings turns out gorgeous. Thanks again Gem By Gems! Now that I have my ring on my finger comes the testimonial hehe.

That was fine with me. At least the groom can get to save money, I thought. But my future father-in-law had other plans. According to him, the engagement ring should have some side diamonds and colored gemstones. Alright so ring-searching we went. So here comes Gem By Gems! But you guys really made us feel comfortable and gave us an idea of how to go about customizing our rings.

I love that GBG had many guys designs to start off with. And when it is put together with the centre diamond and side diamonds, it is really beautiful. I was like smiling widely when I saw the ring! U guys did a great job! I just wish my tiny ring could have fit his name like how his ring had my name, but oh well.

What to do, got tiny fingers. Must love what we are gifted with! I still love it anyway. And he also loves his ring. Please pray that Allah makes easy our wedding planning journey, and that our marriage will be filled with lots of love, mercy and tranquility. Very patient with the-fickle-me. Though the meetups were short, you both left a great impression. Wishing you both success! Till we meet again. That was when we decided to make an appointment with Gem By Gems.

We collected our rings for our wedding which will be in 16 days. Hussain gave us great ideas and personalized service that allowed us to customize our wedding rings. He was friendly and easy-going and never pressured us. The rings were gorgeous. One thing for sure that those perfect rings that we collected yesterday will contribute greatly to it.

At Gem By Gems not only their rings are one of a kind but their services are excellent! We will be coming down for our wedding band in a 2 yrs time. I was shocked and surprised with the outcome of the ring. It was a jaw breaking n heart pumping moments which I hold back my tears from you guys and was totally speechless. I not only like it but totally loving it to the max.

I will continue to trust n support you guys all the way. Thank you very much GBG!!! I do not feel that pressurized to decide on the ring there and then. Despite us asking a lot of questions and me feeling a little worried about the outcome of the ring, Tanweer was always giving us assurance and confidence. Kudos to Tanweer for always being patient and assuring! I was not a Bridezilla but I felt worried about the outcome of the ring.

I felt that my ring would be in good hands and I was very excited! Regards, Norain The rings are gorgeous and of solid quality. Mr and Mrs Tanweer Hussain are very enthusiastic in their work and I would like to thank you very much for making the rings happen on short notice.

May you continue to prosper and May Allah bless you. Regards, Hilmi and Nur Atiqah Hey guys we would like to say how much we really love our rings no matter what. The rings turn out so nice and it is what we want it to be.

We plan to make another rings from you guys again. Will see you again soon. Regards, Firdaus Dear Hussain, Me and Azhar would like to thank you guys so much for the gorgeous rings. We love love love the rings must emphasize, especially me. Thumbs up for both of your excellent service. We will not think twice in recommending you guys to our friends and family.

The workmanship was so precise. For sure we will come back again and get another rings from you guys. Thanks Gem By Gems. Nur Shikha Hi Hussain, Salleh and I like to thank you guys for the beautiful couple rings made for us.

until we meet again ring engravable

Thank you for being so patient and understanding. Overall, we are very happy with the end product and also the service. Keep up the good work! You guys proved me wrong! Had excellent customer service provided to me and Ash, and our rings; superbly perfect and splendour ….

Especially for mine, love the colour and of course the blink blink. You both are truly GEMS!! I shall start from the beginning.

We had a hard time finding a wedding band that we both love. S…aw alot of beautiful rings. But are torn between brandings, quality and prices. At that time, we knew that our rings needed to be customized and we had exactly the image we wanted in mind. We decided to check Gem By Gems, and first time we met Hussain, we felt connected.

He is very down to earth, never once pushy, friendly and always listening carefully and giving inputs of the ideas that we had on our ring.

You made a first class impression. As for our rings. I must say, I am not a person who is easily impressed. I set certain expectation for things and even almost spamming Hussain with pictures of rings after rings to ensure that he knows exactly what i wanted. Love their working attitude.

When i received a call, saying that the rings are ready. Nervous and excited at the same time. When i walked in and saw the ring displayed on the table, my heart raced. When i wanted to try the ring on, my hand trembled. Zul tried on his ring next. The hammered finished and black diamond are beautiful. Really happy with the works of Gem By Gems. Trust us, you wont regret it. Every cent paid is totally worth it. Thank you, Hussain and Yani. Just wanted to give a full account on how we really love your work.

You guys literally gave me and Syah! Very delighted with the ring and the more I look at it, the more I love it. I am thrilled you were able to create the design I wanted to such a quality and I simply love my ring.

Will definitely come back to you for all my bespoke jewellery. Good advice, great quality stones and workmanship. Cheers, Suyin Thank you Hussain for such excellent service! I love love it! Though we had put you in a rush to meet our dateline, we were ultimately grateful and fully satisfied with the end product.

The design was exactly what we had discussed, the price suited to our budget and the collection date was as promised. We were never in doubt in Gem By Gems professionalism, customer service and craftsmanship. Thank you once again and all the best to Gem By Gems! We both love it. They were far more awesome than what we have imagined…cant wait to wear them: We will definitely recommend Gem By Gems to all my friends and relatives.

Keep up the great work; you guys rock! Regards, Jane Lingam and Stephen We would like to thank you for the gorgeous engagement ring and the wonderful service you have provided. The service you have provided was worthy of mention and that you have another very happy customer. We came to you clueless but you guided us through selecting our ring designs.

After mix matching samples, we left it to your expert hands in designing our wedding rings. As we ordered them at the last minute, I only got to see my ring on my wedding day. The moment my husband placed the ring on my finger, I felt a rush of relief which turn to joy and excitement cos I am loving my ring.

That moment put a big smile on my face the whole evening. Thank you so much for being part of our big day, Gem By Gems! Sri Hanna Salaam, Of all the wedding preparations on our checklist, getting the ring was the breeziest! Two brief trips to Gembygems was all it took for us to select and receive our desired ring.

Thank you Hussain for accomodating to our needs and providing us with a pleasant experience. Shafudin and Nisa I was looking for a special piece of jewelry for someone special. I was looking for something you can hardly find in those jewelry chain shops which are all the same in Singapore shopping centers. I found out Gem By Gems and it was the best found possible! So Hussain guided me through some beautiful designs and elements of the jewelry we created.

I picked up the piece a couple of weeks later. A first glance at it shows me it was perfect, exactly what I was picturing. Nicolas We both love the ring, mate. You have a customer for life. And I think that expression stuck with her throughout the meet up with you guys! After we went home, she kept gushing over how shiny her ring was. Overall, we had a wonderful experience working together with you guys in selecting our wedding band amongst hundreds or maybe thousands of ring designs.

And most importantly, we appreciate your patience and not giving us pressure whatsoever. You will definitely be spoilt for choice, anxious to see your personalized rings and be one satisfied customer with Gem By Gems reasonable pricing. I really see a huge potential in Gem By Gems for customized rings and jewellery. Wish you all the best for you and your business moving forward. So here it goes. After all, these potential rings are customized. The 2nd encounter was when we were already planning to get married, so the first place we had to go was to a wedding exhibition at the Singapore Expo.

Zul saw your booth and told me we should take a look. So a few months after, he decided to call you, made an appointment and told me that we were going.

The amazing thing about meeting you guys for the first time, was not only the excitement of getting my own wedding ring customised, but also how warm and friendly you guys were. You treated us like friends and made us feel comfortable.

The best thing was you guys never pressured us to get a ring. It takes out the fun in shopping. I was very worried, right up to the day of the collection. When I saw my ring, I think I went crazy. It really is what I want my wedding ring to be. And all within our budget! Thank you guys so much. May our paths cross again in future, Insyaallah.

We wish the both of you all the happiness and success. Going over to Gem by Gems was never a part of the plan.

until we meet again ring engravable

I suddenly got the idea of a Black Diamond Ring. And I started browsing through websites and found some black diamond ring designs and finally, stumbled upon Gem by Gems! After much discussion and getting rough quotes from Hussain, we finally decided to set a date to meet him and discuss about the rings.

Hussain was so friendly and warm when he met us. His patience on waiting for me to decide on the perfect setting for my ring is unbelievable! I am the most fickle minded woman alive! And even on the last minute when I changed my ring design they still accept it with no changes to price or what so ever! We are very satisfied with the outcome and will definitely recommend to those who are looking for something different and unique!

Trust me, Gem by Gems can make it come true! Kudos to both of you! Will definitely be back for more customized jewelries!!

until we meet again ring engravable

Cheers to Gem By Gems! You brought a picture to life and it is marvelous. Thank you to Hussain and to the people behind-the-scenes.

Bro, Here it goes. No cooking up of stories. What we really feel and from the bottom of our hearts. This testimonial is all about how we had felt at the end of the whole experience with Gem By Gems. I had chanced upon Gem By Gems online after countless number of jewellery shop hopping to get a ring for myself as an Muslim guy, wanting a ring without gold at a budget is not an easy task considering prices of platinum.

Well first impression was, would this place get the job done at a reasonable price and at the same time dun get myself conned as they are situated at a office at Keypoint. You might be thinking, a humble office selling customized rings?? Well, in Feb 12, Hussain definitely got the job done not only done but a job very well done and got us happily walking out of the door not only with the rings that we had customized but also gaining a new friendship with Hussain.

After the 1st visit and a long consultation with Hussain, I did not manage to get my engagement rings with him due to personal reasons and he did not show any unhappiness about it or any signs of frustration.

He said anytime I feel like getting a ring, just give him a buzz. At that point, I knew that I would be back to have my wedding bands with him and here I am writing a testimonial after being a very happy customer. Hmm I would prefer calling it a friend.

On the 2nd visit and countless chats online, we managed to decide on the wedding bands. I did not feel any uneasiness telling him about our constraints in budget and how i am able to get the best out of what he can provide. Well, I can say I got a very good setup for the ring. We got our rings as promised and there was some problems in sizing. The ring felt a little tight, guess my fingers grew bigger.

And without any qualms, he managed to get it fixed and even changed the tones on our rings at no cost to make it look even better. Thanks a lot Hussain for the opinions, especially on the toning. It did not feel like I had got this rings from a retailer customizing rings. Imagine if you had a friend who does this business.

Hussain did just exactly that. It was more of how your friend would help you out to choose the setting, design to cater to your needs and at the same time keeping it within your budget. To sum it up, Simply Perfect to the details you would want and he had welcomed all of our feedback to get the rings fixed to our liking.

We were very comfortable with Hussain and everything was done promptly within the promised dates. Gem By Gems A Gem customized for you by 2 Gems Regards Razak and Hamidah Salam Tanweer I wish to comment on your excellent services — the finished ring was very well crafted, the ring was engraved and comes with a beautiful box. By allowing me to insert my own words to the template on the box, it makes it more personal and romantic.

You made me happy and of course my husband was even more happier to receive his 55th birthday gift. Thank you once again and I would not hesitate to recommend your excellent customer service to anyone. The rings are magnificent n absolutely gorgeous!! We both got exactly what we wanted, rings to last us a lifetime. You have been extremely patient in helping us decide to make the rings affordable but still fabulously gorgeous.

Thank you from the both of us!! I was assisted by Morgan, a quite knowledgeable young lady who helped me with font selection and gave me valuable advice about what I could expect re machine engraving vs. She and Leslie did an excellent job for me and were communicative, cheerful and enthusiastic. These are the kinds of things that will keep me coming back in the future.

I had to get my ring sized down 2 whole sizes wowza and i needed it the SAME day! They came through, and provided great service along the way! I highly recommend this team and store! My husband reached out to him to get great quality diamonds.

For this I appreciate him however for maintenance, repair and service that is not exactly the type of person that is easily attainable. Today I noticed a very big problem with my wedding ring as the prong on my diamond was completely pulled back.

I had 3 loose stones of my 18 stones. I looked on Yelp to find a great jeweler and found ER Sawyer with all 5 star reviews. I have been referred to another one but not only were they opened later but they did not have as many reviews as ER Sawyer. When I called it was 30 minutes before they open and I called anyways, someone picked up the phone and spoke with me about what was going on with my ring.

Not only was she polite but she told me to come on in before they even opened. I came in and was impressed at the service before I even got there. Hey took my ring and put it under a magnifying glass with a large digital screen so I could see what it was that they were talking about. She showed me what was wrong and what they were going to do to fix it and how I can better take care of it.

Since I was there and I wear all my jewelry all the time I had some loose clasps on my other jewelry. I went ahead and dropped them off as well because they have three jewelers on site they are able to get everything done for my ring and other stuff today. I give them 5 stars and would refer them to anyone. I fully expected not to get it in time for her birthday, due to my lack of planning. I believe I worked with Alfredo, although I am terrible with names, and they where able to get a locket, engrave it, put the pictures in for me, help me pick out a chain, and wrap it up within one day!

And it came in well under my projected budget. I was very happy with ER Sawyer, and will definitely return. The day we sifted our home we found my grandmothers wedding ring, inside a ring box that was inside another box.

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More than likely the only reason is survived. It looked like it had been to hell and back. I had no reason to believe it would ever been worn again until Doug and his amazing team took charge.

I will post a photo of before and after. The photo will speak volumes. You are my jewelry from now on. We did not have a lot of money to spend on rings and were worried we would not find anything. We even considered just going to a stand in the mall shudder Enter Leslie. We sheepishly walked in, and she made us feel so comfortable and she was so warm. We looked at a wide range of rings in our price range, and after much flutter, ended up picking the same design.

They were custom made and could not be more beautiful. Never once did we feel pressured to spend beyond our range. Leslie, you made this potentially anxiety provoking situation something exciting, fun and sacred. This is what good business is.

After some debate on what i wanted to do, i decided to take a watch. It was done within a week before i turned it over and the engraving was perfect!

Plus Starla was very helpful and ensured me that the watch would be taken care of. No doubt when i finally picked up the watch it was perfect. It was so perfect i wish i had bought it for me instead. She helped my fiance and I pick out rings, and got them to us way before our ceremony! Highly recommend this company.

Her attention to detail is great, and the follow through on the promises is beyond amazing! I will definitely send people here, and will come back in the future.

It was quite fancy but their prices were fair and their service was excellent. I live in Sonoma but will drive all the way to Santa Rosa to keep getting a great experience.

I called a few places then decided on ER after chatting with Casey. She was very friendly and easy to work with and the best part is they turned the project around in only 4 days. Most places were over a week. My ring was returned perfectly and so much more sparkly than it was. The team at ER Sawyer is always friendly and helpful and they have actual goldsmiths on site 6 days a week.

I am a customer for life!

Revelation - Until We Meet Again (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Sawyers is the BEST!!! My love and I had our rings done for our wedding and my engagement ring there. Doing and Ame are fantastic! The expedited our rings, spent countless hours on prep AND Ame even dressed me up in beautiful earrings, a bracket and a right hand ring to wear for the big day!

Talk about feeling like a superstar. When we went in today to thank them for ALL of their hard work and letting us barrow the jewels and trusting us with them!! My son also bought his girlfriend a gorgeous promise ring at the same time. My husband was very impressed with service, selection and loved shopping here.

We love our rings and they have made a customer for life. It truly was magnificent and everything you did, made it! Judy was so helpful and informative, we spent damn near an hour in there looking at bands…naturally i was curious about a band for me! Second Starla is the best of the best!

She really knows what she is doing and gets things done lightning fast. I love the store and the staff….

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In the midst of things few can afford is a smattering of affordable pieces that will make anyone smile. I was looking for the perfect ring for my fiance and he listened to me and my wants and found me just what I wanted and more importantly my now wife loves the ring. I recommend everybody go to E. Sawyer if you want a great experience with amazing jewelry. Unfortunately after cleaning them in a ultrasonic I noticed that one of the smaller diamonds on the side of the ring had dislodged!

I called up E. Sawyer Jewelers and asked if they would be able to reset the diamond before my trip. Initially the girl I had spoken with said they were about a week out for projects but she said she would ask the goldsmith.

He was not only able to do it the same day but had it done in a couple of hours! My ring looks amazing and brand new! They even steam cleaned my wedding band while I waited to pick up the engagement ring! I highly recommend them, their staff is courteous and professional and they are super accommodating! You took great care of my fiance at the time and I when we were looking for the perfect ring. This was a very nerve-racking endeavor at first and I appreciate how you made us comfortable and answered all of our questions.

I have gone in a few times since to have my ring sized and to look at wedding bands. Both times Leslie has been incredibly nice and helpful. I can often be indecisive and she was patient and happy to help me make a decision. When I took my ring in to have it sized, I dropped it off at 11 and they called at 2 to tell me it was done. I was impressed with the speed and quality of work they did. They have a new client for life. It gave me confidence that I was giving my ring to a jeweler that adheres to an ethical standard and that I know they will do the work right.

Judy was very helpful. After she measured current ring size and put in the work order, she took the time to answer all my questions and show me some pieces they offer.

It also gave me a chance to get to know and see for myself why the other yelpers gave this place positive reviews. I had a pleasant experience just to even browse around this store and not feel pushed to buy. I received the ring about a week and a half later. The ring fits beautifully and looks perfect! I would definitely come here again in the future. I just got engaged on xmas and came in to have my ring changed a bit and sized,I have no idea about what size,what look etc and leslie the lady who helped me made me feel SO comfortable and at ease I wont go anywhere else now,THANK!!!

And yay for Starla there! She assured me that they have the tools and expertise to do this. She was great, very friendly and professional. Additionally, she let me know that because my ring is older, its prongs had worn down a bit and were loose. They can touch up the tips of the prongs and make sure the center stone is secure.