Till we meet again saying

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till we meet again saying

Till We Meet Again () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more And why do I have to write five lines in my review when there is nothing more to say?. They say that life is a journey and of that I have no doubt. My Google search revealed the definition of Journey: the act of traveling from one. Na shledanou is the typical formal way to say goodbye; literally it means until we meet again. This is often informally abbreviated to nashle.

That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. Please, can't we all walk in love,please! May 26, at 5: Do you her hate because she made a vast amount of money and 19 generations of your own family will never match what shes made collectively? Is it because she is woman that you hate her?

Is it because she is a black woman you hate her? I guess I rest in the fact that "haters" or really nothing but cowards in their own lives.

till we meet again saying

May 26, at 3: Well FYI, you don't need Oprah's money to do a "good deed. Then have yourself a coke and a smile. May 26, at 2: If I had her money I would do good deeds also, and help some of those people barely making ends meet.

till we meet again saying

Narcissism at its worst. Thanks for going away, at least for now. Your legions on middle class white women in a trance now need a life. May 26, at 1: You gave your all. If you gave the negative fools a CAR, oh Ophrah is such a wonderful lady.

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We all are going to turn our heads because its less of you negative fools than positive people. We are about Lady O! Maybe not by some of the people on the message board LOL and before you comment, I do have a job, friends and a life May 26, at I rarely watched Oprah in the last several years.

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The last one that I watched was her uniting with a sister that her mom never told her about. But I must say that whatever you say about her she could care less.

You just hate the fact that she was born a poor black girl from Mississippi who did not become a statistic. Welfare, drugs, 6 kids and not knowing who the fathers are, you know the stereotype some of you have of black women not all of us or all of you live that life. That's where the tale takes a twist. Being parted, their relationship put to a test. So when finally they meet up again, what will be their position regarding their relationship, is what discloses to us.

But once you passed that, its a watchable film. Worth a watch too, though not a must see or for everyone. As I always say, if you had seen plenty of films themed romance and relationship, then this will be in some way another boring repetition.

Time to say Goodbye until we meet again - Picture of Samir Filali, Tangier

But if you watch films rarely, then you need to be patience, in order to enjoy or like it. In the end, I'm saying it again that is not a bad film, they just did not make it in a right way. Trimming a few scenes to make it a quick and shorter film would have made a trick. As for the story, I feel sorry for Joanna. Of course she did not handle the given situation.


But she had a professional pressure. And while fully engaged in that, the people took advantage of it. Then, if you think of Erik, it was mostly a case of misunderstanding and self-discovery. So any tale, especially in romance and relationship, these things are the basic ingredient to lay a platform.

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The writers should have seen beyond that and tried to add a little fresh perspective. I hope the director had learnt a lesson. This is his first feature film and I felt he was good, except he did not get best screenplay.

I mean the basic story was good, but the screenplay lacks for the production level. What it needed was a bit cheerful. Because the entire stretch was so serious. All it talks about the relations, tried to develop even in a small gap. What I meant was, the narration has a flashback. Not a single flashback, but pieces that attached throughout the film. Those flashback pieces come into play only when the story was going other direction, to remind us with the previous account, how it was before to this point.

A big disadvantage watching it was the intentional scenes and its dialogues.

till we meet again saying

You predict them or not, but surely they have deliberately done them in that way. Particularly in the scenes of jealous, misunderstanding, taking advantages. After watching the whole story, at that point when it reached the final stage, minutes away to conclude, you could still anticipate or curious to know how it's going to end.

But that's not a twist or even close to one.