Klaine fanfiction tumblr kurt and blaine meet run into each other again

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FIC REC List of all the Klaine/CrissColfer fics I've read. It's been a month since Blaine and Kurt left straight camp, and they are finally able to see each other again. . Camp Glee: Kurt & Finn attend a summer camp, & meet some interesting College Life: New to McKinley Part III: Kurt and Blaine are back in part three. At nine, Burt called up to his room, telling Kurt the cab was ready to take him to the airport. Kurt took a What he had sent caused Kurt to tear up again; Blaine just got him;. "Okay, I'll see This, of course, caused Tumblr to go into a frenzy. Suddenly, the pair pulled each other into a deep, passionate kiss. All designed in an attempt to keep you smiling through the Klaine drama that They talk and get to know each other really, really well. You Got Me- (Rated M- WIP). Summary: Based on the skank!Kurt nerd!Blaine AU. Kurt finds a new unlikely . When the pair accidentally meet again, Blaine has some things to explain.

First impression; unimpressed-it's sooooo hot! This, of course, caused Tumblr to go into a frenzy.

klaine fanfiction tumblr kurt and blaine meet run into each other again

He's really here guys! I'm in the same city as Kurt Hummel! God I hope I randomly bump into him and maybe we end up making out a little or something… ifonly That's really insensitive, Kurt's gay. Leave your fantasies at the door.

Never Stop Dreaming

His best friend Wes was waiting with him, as he was filming every moment of the meeting for Blaine's channel; "His plane landed ten minutes ago, Wes. At this point, Wes turned the camera around to face him rather than Blaine; "As you can see, loyal viewers, Blaine has gone insane, pardon the rhyme.

Please leave insulting words in the comments section below telling Blaine what an idiot he is being". Blaine really wasn't in the mood for jokes right now. At that moment, the terminal doors opened and the passengers starting flooding through the gate.

Blaine, in full view of the camera, stood on his tiptoes to try and identify Kurt through the crowd. Suddenly, Wes shouted; "I see him! He's on the right!

At that moment, Kurt looked up and their eyes met for the very first time that wasn't through a screen. Blaine's face lit up, and Kurt had a ginormous smile on his face. The pair raced towards each other, Kurt completely forgetting about his luggage as the smashed into each other. Blaine had his arms wrapped so tightly around Kurt and inhaled deeply, wanting to remember the vanilla scent of him forever.

Kurt dug his nails into Blaine's shoulders, tears streaming down his face as he finally got to hold the single most important person in his life.

They could faintly hear Wes coo for the sake of the audience, but both ignored him. After what seemed like an eternity, and once most of the passengers had gone, they peeled apart only slightly, so they could both look each other in the eye.

Suddenly, the pair pulled each other into a deep, passionate kiss. Their tongues moved smoothly against each other and their lips would not distance themselves for a second. Eventually, the pair pulled apart due to lack of oxygen and smiled brightly at the other; "Hi", Kurt said quietly. At that moment, Wes decided to make himself known; "Hey, sorry to interrupt, but we'd better go if we want to catch a cab.

Lovely to finally meet you Kurt, I'm Wes". Wes and Blaine took the majority of Kurt's bags, Blaine making sure he had a hand free to hold Kurt's. Blaine grew up in Brooklyn with his mother and firefighter father.

Unfortunately, Rachel never learned how to properly cook and almost sets their new house on fire. Kurt and Blaine are single dads to seven year olds in New York City. Blaine helps Kurt try to remember his old life while they consider starting a new one.

klaine fanfiction tumblr kurt and blaine meet run into each other again

Is it possible to have a healthy relationship with a camera-magnet celebrity like Kurt? They will both have to fight for their dreams. At least until now. Heavy on the smut. AU that will refer to people and events from season 2 in different context. They quickly discover they might be a little bit in love with one another. Good thing they have a long summer ahead of them and plenty of firsts to figure out together. The show was set at an all-boys school, Dalton Academy, where new transfer Kurt Hummel meets the charming lead soloist Blaine Anderson.

Kurt had a trouble past — being severely bullied and even threatened to be killed— and Blaine was the one who helped him open up. It had taken all of Rachel's patience to wait for them to get together and boy had she squealed when they had finally gotten together.

It revolved around Kurt and Blaine at Dalton, focusing on other characters who had a small plot line, but the show mainly focused on Kurt and Blaine.

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Now they had broken up. Rachel sobbed even harder and she hugged the pillow tighter. How was she meant to live? Kurt and Blaine were a manifestation of true love. If they couldn't work then how was she ever meant to believe that true love could exist for her? It can't be true, Rachel thought vehemently. She stopped her tears and grabbed her laptop from her bedside table. She opened it up and waited for it to load before opening up a search engine and typing in 'The Kurt and Blaine show'.

Several hits came up but she clicked on to the most reliable blog- and her favourite- that held spoilers for the show. This would tell her if they were truly broken up. It was clear from all the dramatic posts and questions about Klaine that she wasn't the only one who was feeling devastated by their breakup.

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They show was called 'The Kurt and Blaine show'. There wasn't a show without them. A terrible thought struck her. What if the show was ending? She shivered at the thought and her blood rang cold. No, she thought, shaking her head. The Kurt and Blaine show is the most popular thing out there at the moment. There is no way that they are just finishing it. Rachel shifted through the contents of the page and found that there were no spoilers in sight.

It seemed that the break up was just as a surprise to the blogger as it was to everyone else. A new comment appeared and it was from the blogs owner.

The Break Up I had no idea that this was coming.