Jellal and erza meet again guilty

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jellal and erza meet again guilty

It is complicated That is what Erza says when Lucy asked her how things are Erza understands that he feels guilty about her turmoil and everything else he did under Later, he meets ereza again, and ereza confesses her feelings to jellal. You see, I have always felt guilty because I couldn't save you back then." Once the vegetables were cut, Jellal informed Erza and went back to his seat in the guild hall. "I've been waiting seven years to see you again!. It is this guilt that keeps Jellal from expressing his love for Erza, which she . Back at the Council's meeting, as a final push to get the last vote he needs, Siegrain.

Erza and the others are shocked at this point. Gray mentions that they are no longer enemies of Fairy Tail and that they intend to now fight sins and do good instead of bad.

Ultear asks for a favor from Fairy Tail, they explain that every year there is a strange magical force within the stadium and that it could be related to that of Zeref, they want to investigate and find out whats happening and causing this. Erza agrees to whats Jellal wants to do because if there is a problem at the stadium then it could be a problem to Fairy Tail also. Ultear says that by helping them, she wants to give them something in advance, she mentions something to them that will help them.

She explains that her Time Ark magic has the ability to raise their level of their abilities. She tells them that a mage usually has a contained of magic in which they can use in order to show their powers, as well as fight others. Her magic will be able to open up another magical container so they can absorb the Eternanos from the air.

She explains that the second power is refered to Latent ability, Second Origin, this will allow them to use the second containing, or Second Origin so they can use both their powers, this would be similar to doubling their powers or powering up a needed times.

I don't want to remember. Once the vegetables were cut, Jellal informed Erza and went back to his seat in the guild hall. Those who were not cooking drifted back into the guild hall. Jellal observed them closely, feeling uncomfortable.

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Eventually dinner was served. Jellal brought his plate back to the corner, but was surprised to find himself soon joined by Wendy, who looked drained from all her crying.

She had a smile for him as she sat down, though. I wish it were under better circumstances, though. You can't tell me about your adventures and I can't introduce you to the guild. Wendy eagerly took up the idea and had launched into a long story when Erza and Lucy joined them at the table. Wendy had resumed her tale when Lucy leaned over and whispered to Erza, "You've got a sappy grin on your face.

Next After dinner, the group began to break into smaller groups and spread across the settlement. Jellal stayed in his corner until Natsu returned to the guild hall and approached him.

You don't remember anything about the tower? And I don't want to remember. From what everyone said, I must have been evil. But I don't feel evil now, and I don't want to go back to being evil.

You helped us save Cait Shelter. The old you wouldn't have done that. I was never so surprised as when you took that shot from Master Zero for me. Although Cait Shelter didn't actually need to be saved, as there was no one really here. But it's the thought that counts, isn't it? Jellal couldn't help but smile in return.

Next Some time later, it was time to sleep. Someone had brought pallets, pillows, and blankets into the guild hall and everyone picked a spot. Jellal went back to his corner and lay down to sleep.

jellal and erza meet again guilty

He was surprised when Erza came over and started making her bed next to his. Erza smiled at him, which made him blush more. She turned to look at him. This was worse than the stares he had been getting all day, the feeling of not really belonging. Sleeping next to a complete stranger would have been preferable to Erza, because she made his insides feel strange in an unknown way whenever she was around. Next Sunlight was just streaming into the windows when Jellal woke up.

The guild hall was silent except for a few snores. He turned on his side and his heart started beating faster when he saw Erza's face turned towards him. He stared at her for a while, thinking that he had never seen anything so lovely as her face, although he didn't have much experience to go on. Her arm was resting so that her hand was between them. Jellal gently reached out and covered it with his own.

He fell back asleep while watching her. Next Jellal had troubling dreams that night. In the first one, he saw Erza lying on the floor, in pain. He tried to move towards her, but found that he couldn't. Then he heard laughter. He turned his head, and he saw himself standing over her, laughing. The next dream was short as well. He was standing on a platform with a younger version of Erza, who had a patch over her eye. They seemed to be talking, and Erza looked unhappy.

Then he flung her off of the platform. Jellal woke up in a panic. Did I do that? Were those real memories? He looked over at Erza. If I did do those things, why is she so nice to me now? He fell back asleep. Next The sun was higher in the sky when next he woke, and he could hear some quiet voices. Jellal opened his eyes to find himself staring straight at Erza's smiling face.

He started, and then realized he was still holding Erza's hand. Blushing, he pulled his hand away and turned onto his back. He rolled his eyes to the side to look at Erza. She was still smiling. They lay there for a moment in silence, and Jellal thought about his dreams. They couldn't be real! He didn't want to tell Erza about them, but he wanted confirmation.

Then he got an idea. Did you remember something? I really am a horrible person, like Midnight said. But why is Erza putting up with me after what I did to her? This thought plagued him the rest of the day. Next After breakfast, Erza helped Wendy decide what to do about the empty shelter. Wendy told everyone that they could take anything they wanted. Erza had Jellal pick out some clothes and other things to take with him, as he had nothing for himself.

All of the food that was not packed was taken out into the forest and dumped. Eventually they were ready to leave. Wendy cried again as they left the settlement that had been her home for seven years. From Cait Shelter, everyone walked to Longbourne, the only town that Wendy knew the location of. From there, each guild took carriages toward their own guild halls. The group for Fairy Tail headed south to Fenzy, where they boarded a ship bound for Hargeon.

For most of the journey, Jellal kept to himself, although Erza, Wendy, and Natsu seemed ready to include him into the group. Lucy and Gray were warming up to him, though Gray refused to trust him.

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I'd like to join Fairy Tail like Wendy, if possible. Come on, Jellal, let's…urf…" Natsu ran to the side of the ship. Jellal felt better now that his plan had been taken so well. He had been afraid to announce it before. Relieved, he began to participate in the conversation more.

Next Once the boat docked at Hargeon, everyone boarded a train for the last part of the journey to Magnolia. Once they disembarked, everyone set off for their own homes, and Jellal realized he hadn't thought this far ahead. Erza was the last person left. Where else would you go? Finally they were in her home.

jellal and erza meet again guilty

Jellal looked around in interest. Everything was neatly in place, with no clutter. Two closed doors probably led to a bedroom and a bathroom. I hope you like it. Jellal stood by, feeling in the way.

Erza noticed his discomfort. I'll make some room later. If you're hungry or thirsty, help yourself. For lack of anything better to do, he got himself a glass of water. Sitting at the table, he reflected on his new situation. This is going to be both wonderful and uncomfortable. I'll get to spend time alone with Erza, but that could be embarrassing.

I feel so awkward around her, but just seeing her smile lights me up. And I'll have to start making money to repay her soon. I don't want to be a bother and mooch off of her. Jellal watched Erza finish unpacking. This is the kitchen. You'll sleep on the couch. She handed them to Jellal. We'll buy some more bedding tomorrow. He blushed thinking that he would be sleeping in Erza's own bedding.

We can eat dinner there too. As they walked to Fairy Tail, Jellal worried over and over. How are the people there going to react to me?

Will there be the same uncomfortableness as there was at Cait Shelter? As soon as they walked in, people started congratulating Erza on handling the Nirvana problem.

Lucy summons her bull celestial spirit Taurus to fight the Vulcan, but Natsu re-enters the cave and knocks out Taurus, whom he mistakes for another monster. Natsu defeats the Vulcan and discovers it to be Macao, who had been possessed by the monster.

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Lucy demonstrates her magic by summoning a celestial spirit that she names Plue, who suggests that Natsu and Happy form a team with Lucy. Natsu tricks her into accepting a job to steal a book entitled Daybreak from its owner, Duke Everlue, while disguised as a maid. They arrive at the town of Shirotsume to learn that their client, Kaby Melon, has changed the job to destroying the book and greatly increased the reward to 2 million jewels.

When Everlue rejects Lucy and insults her appearance, the three infiltrate his mansion and steal the book. However, Everlue and his maids attack the three.

Lucy flees into the sewers and discovers the book's hidden secrets before being caught by Everlue, while Natsu defeats Everlue's bodyguards, the Vanish Brothers.