Brinson until we meet again song


brinson until we meet again song

Until We Meet Again. Brinson August Songs Brinson's most honest album, I love how he switched her his style but keep the gospel at the center. It has a. Anthony James Wright who goes by the stage name Brinson, is an American , OMG in , No Other Heroes in , and Until We Meet Again in [10][11][12][13] He released, Until We Meet Again, on August 4, , with GodChaserz Entertainment.[14][15] "Songs by Writer:: Brinson James Wright".

Your favorite bearded emcee Brinson will soon be releasing his 3rd solo album on Godchaserz Entertainment entitled No Other Heroes, and guess who has an advanced copy? The Jacksonville, FL native is most known for his energetic, southern anthems with its infectious hooks along with heavy production.

No Other Heroes seems to follow suit, or at least I thought Juice provides the sonic landscape while Brinson reminds us who and what he is, a Godchaser. The 2nd song entitled "3D Standout" featuring Jai isn't your typical southern free for all but a well thought out song in content and delivery.

Jai adds her touch of hook smashing ability and makes this a memorable track on No Other Heroes. The 3rd song our bearded crusader offers us is the experimental dance anthem, "Hit the Floor," produced by Bakazman. The 4th song is where the album takes a surprising turn. Chris Searcy provides an infectious and cautionary hook explaining that everything that glitters isn't gold. This song almost serves as a follow up to "Gold," encouraging the listener that no matter how far you've strayed, it's never too far for God to reach you.

This song instantly became one of my favorites. Brinson boldly held down No Other Heroes by himself lyrically and it's not until the 6th song that we hear from another rapper besides the bearded wonder himself. I just went into a cocoon and just jumped into the bible and prayer.

A few year went by and God impressed it on my heart about GodChaserz.

Brinson Announces New Album ‘Until We Meet Again’

Besides recording your own albums, you are also the founder of GodChaserz Entertainment which has released over 20 Christ-centered hip hop albums. Who are some of the artists on the label? And why did you want to start this label? We have a small but effective roster. I started GodChaserz in after going to school for music business and rededication to the Lord. I found how much hip hop influenced me in middle and high school.

It motivated me to make wrong decisions so in turn I wanted a label to motivate people of all ages to Chase God. When you sign an artist to your label, what do you look out for in the artist?

I really look for if the artist already has some regional traction. Getting to know the artist is big as well.

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With any form of ministry or business knowing who you co-labor with is important. Lastly, we have to stand on common grounds ministry wise.

brinson until we meet again song

A relationship of agreement between artist and label is a powerful thing. Let's talk about your new album "Until We Meet Again.

brinson until we meet again song

One of the biggest lessons I want translated is that God's love can bring you out of any hurt. I wrote this album going thru a lot of pain. Great pain really, but Jesus never left me. I learned how to trust the Lord in discomfort, betrayal, and suffering.

Brinson Announces New Album 'Until We Meet Again' | Wade-O Radio

Even in that I felt loved by him. He impressed on my heart pain is seasonal. I spoke a lot of real things on this album. I talked about social issues, church issues, etc. But you will not hear more problems than the goodness of God on this project.

You can hear a lot of realness in my song "Trees In the forest". I like the creativity you invested in the songs, particularly "Schwarzenegger.

And how has Arnold Schwarzenegger influenced you on this song?

brinson until we meet again song

Thank you so much. Schwarzenegger is about the return of the Lord.