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A full Generation VII National Pokédex, complete with move sets by level, We' ve also built it so that it is completely mobile friendly and that information as it is pretty essential to any Pokedex, but we don't I exclusively use bulbapedia, it is definitely the best Pokemon . OMG Hoenn confirmed AGAIN?!. Pokémon can be very much a Guide Dang It series at the best of times find out unless, like me, you have Bulbapedia and Serebii bookmarked. So with that in mind, I've compiled a list of 10 things in HGSS that you . You'll need to wait for the Celebi event before you can meet Giovanni, it's tied to that. Only some pokemon have their own pages?[edit]. At first, I assumed only anime- relevant Until then, I don't think any Pokemon should be added to this list. and isn't a very good info, plus it is from PokeBeach, so we can't even use it. .. pre-gen V Pokémon in the Isshu dex; therefore, national dex # = Isshu dex # +

It will fight fiercely to help and protect its friends. Even if it is injured or has its life threatened, it will still fight.

Magikarp (Pokémon)

The more scars it has on its front, the more respect it gets from its peers. Scars on its back will bring it ridicule however.

It has earned the nickname "hero of the skies" due to its extreme dedication for its friends. Aiding its valiance, Braviary is extremely strong, capable of lifting a car and flying with it. Soren used Braviary in a Tag Battle alongside Drilbur against Ash and Cilan who were using Unfezant and Pansagerespectivelybut they were defeated.

His Brave Bird later became a vital component for a unique combination invented by Soren, called "Jet Brave". He was seen competing in the Vertress Conferencebut he was defeated by Stephan 's Zebstrikawho used a combination of Thunderbolt and Giga Impact to knock him out.

Baraz used Braviary to fly around. He reappeared in The Professors' New Adventure! He reappeared briefly in SMwhere he was recalled. Six Braviary appeared in The Guardian's Challenge! I was looking for this site a few weeks ago! The search results the page with the three frames cannot be archived manually. However, the direct trademark file the left frame does seem to be permanent: I can still access it after deleting cookies.

Hence, I'll update the references to link to these these pages are also available in English, but they drop all of the important information for verification, like the companies that filed the trademark.

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Prime Blue talk The total number of all name trademarks is around or so, many do not include official romanizations but just list the Japanese name in katakana — the latter can of course not be used as references.

I'll use that Bandai series with additional names as references for the other old ones, and will remove all remaining ones without sources after that. I also found references for Zorua [1] and Zoroark. I have reviewed and allowed this edit but it does seem excessive that 28kb of an article's size is references when articles over 32kb struggle to load in some browsers. Is there any way in which this can be reduced?

So that time spent on looking them up was almost completely useless. There are two possibilities now: Manually archive all the pages and link to those. Give instructions on how to use the IPDL database. Somehow, I am more comfortable with the former. Throwing a Japanese site at editors that want to verify information, instructions given or not, does not feel right to me.

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Regarding the article size: I don't think size really matters anymore at this point, since the list itself was already thrice as big as the 32kb limit before the references were added.

It doesn't seem to pick up the references, but if a temporary page were created with all the links, it could be combed to archive all the links in one pass. The " info " links provide buttons to link to the archive—and to create one if it doesn't exist. The refs can also be inserted in wikimarkup instead of using the citation templates. Combing the query results does not work either because of all the frames. I'll just do it manually. I've already put together a format for using it in the article and am currently working on it.

They were only one frame, right? I'm not sure why the page without trailing zeros would not not archive for you, though; since the pages load, I would not expect trouble and the above example archived fine.

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About the trailing zeros: I tried it a few times without and all that got archived was a server error message from IPDL, though the URL itself was working just fine. Don't know what the problem was Add official romanizations from the Bandai series, tag the remaining old ones with citation needed. This is starting to look like exactly the List I have always wanted to see, but been too lazy to fix it up that way myself.

Keep it up and soon I can do a little work on the lede and we will make featured list! I always found it strange how all these Japanese names were taken for granted without any references, and as it turns out, quite a few of them were elaborate guesses. Here's the things I've changed in the latest edit: Given as Plusle in the trademark file and as Prasle on the card. Given as Kaiorga in the trademark file and as Kyogre on the card.